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The Best Internet Tools (V) : TEMPLATES and GREAT TOOLS to enhance our daily work

The Best Internet Tools (V) :      TEMPLATES and GREAT TOOLS to enhance our daily work

In our journey to become strong Digital Professionals  ,  let’s add key functions in our new  Dashboard for Digital Tools ,  a good tool to help realize the possibilities of the web.

In this 5ht post we will include great TEMPLATES and other USEFUL tools to be leveraged such as

  • Templates for Presentations
  • Icons
  • Fonts
  • Photo stocks
  • Languages and Translation
  • Dictionary
  • Encyclopedia & Maps
  • Video, Screen and Audio Creation
  • File transfer tools

Remember you can find the 1st post on Goals, Ideas, Business Models, Strategy and Innovation & Portfolio management, …  here   ,    the 2nd post on Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction here   ,   the 3rd post on Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Project Management here   and the 4th post on Productivity Tools  here.

Hope you will find it useful in your journey to become a solid Digital Professional  -   cheers, Jordi





G. TEMPLATES and USEFUL Tools G.1 Presentations, Templates & Slides
powerpoint (41)
templates (13)
templates for presentatio (1)
templates for webs and bl (2)
powerpoint similar option (27)
presentations (59)
design feedback (2)
designers (13)
create templates (6)
design (49)
design corner (1)
diagrams (3)
graphic design (37)
G.2 Icons
icons (21)
icons for twitter (1)
create word clouds (1)
symbols (1)
G.3 Fonts
text editor (13)
text to audio (2)
text to photo (1)
text translation (14
text dictation (3)
text (2)
designing typography (13)
typographic icons (2)
typographic tools (16)
G.4 Photo, Images & Photo Stocks
image editor (5)
photo editor (12)
photo stocks (20)
photo video (1)
photographers (4)
photography (6)
photos (75)
photoshop (3)
photoshop actions (3)
photostocks (43)
pictures online (4)
pinterest (4)
images (71)
images movement generator (2)
create images (4)
create forms (9)
G.5 Languages & Translation
learn how to pronounce (1)
learn languages (63)
translation (21)
hindi (1)
japanese (4)
icelandic (1)
languages (72)
latin (1)
hebrew (1)
portuguese (1)
russian (2)
chinese (31)
spanish (35)
catalan (1)
G.6 Dictionary & Encyclopedia
bibliographic manager (3)
encyclopedia (5)
dictionary (4)
G.7 Maps
create maps (26)
design maps (14)
G.8 Video Creation
create videos (3)
creating videos for cours (1)
G.9 Sharepoint & File Transfer
archive extraction (1)
archive files (1)
file sharing (40)
scanner (2)
G.10 E-mail
email client (6)
email delivery (2)
email design (1)
email empathy (1)
email list (2)
email management (1)
email marketing (18)
email platform (2)
email scheduling (1)
email tracking (6)
encrypted emails (1)
encryption (12)
create forms (9)
email (6)
inbox (5)
G.11 Audio related
audio (8)
audio compilation (1)
audio editor (1)
audio to text (2)
sonority (1)
sound library (1)
sounds (1)
transcribe audio to text (1)
G.12 Screen related
screen (3)
screen capture (14)
screen color display (1)
screen images (2)
screen recording (1)
screen sharing (4)
screenshot (14)
screenshot compression (3)
screenshot naming (1)


Note:   we are using the etoole.com the Social Network for e-tools for this initiative.  We encourage you to register directly there to get the full benefits (such as knowing which other tools professionals like you are using or configuring your own Tool workflow / desktop).

The structure I’ve used is the logic displayed in the post about Creating a business Value Chain  written (in Spanish) some time ago.


Jordi Mañé

P.S. I do invite you to have a look at the Internet Tools that I like in my etoole account 

www.teragrowth.com   all for the Business and Professional Growth     @teragrowth    


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