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LANGUAGE TOOLS – Best Language Tools in Internet



The Language Tools can contribute very significantly to our Communication both in our Professional or Personal  environment.

The Communication is many times the basis for the success in our Professional Career or in the Social events,   therefore knowing how to leverage the Language Tools it can mean a very strong competitive advantage.

Let’s see some Language Tools and the Advantages that these can provide to us.


1. Language Tools for Translation

The translation functionality is one of the most used functionalities in the Language Tools.   For example we do have:

Google Translate


> Probably one of the most well known, it allows the translation of the text we intended to write (for example in an e-mail, in a CV, or in whatever other Text) in another language.   It is a very practical tool in the daily Company work and to keep developing and improving our language proficiency.



> Linguee is another good translator that you can use for your texts, with more than 1.000 millions available translations.





> Freetranslation is another example on how these type of tools can help us.    Very simply to use, you can obtain your translation in just a couple of clicks.


We have seen only 3 examples… however there are other Language Tools to translate your texts –  you can have a look at them here.


2. Tools to Learn Languages

Some specialized Tools exist to help us Learn Languages through Internet.  Let’s see some of them:



> Probably one of the most interesting blockbusters of the last years in the lenguage learning, the Duolingo value proposition is original and with a gaming learning style.

Language Inmersion


> Language Inmersion proposal is to help us learn while we navigate through the Internet.   Also very innovative approach.

Live Mocha


> In Live Mocha you can learn languages while having conversations through Internet with native speaking people.  A totally different way to learn.


We have seen 3 different Language Tools, with a totally different approach to language learning.   However at least 60 other tools exist  allowing you to learn Russian   ,  Icelandic language or that also teach  Chinese.    I do invite you to have a look at them here and to chose the most interesting one for you based on your own style and needs.


 3. Tools to learn how to Pronounce / Pronounciation



> Using Forvo you will be able to listen how Native people pronounce words in several languages.   Great tool indeed.


There is some additional tool existing on that that you can find here.


4. Language Tools to improve in your Writing



> Hemingway is an app to help you improve your writing.


Fnt Squirrel

> With Fontsquirrel you have the option to use different writing ‘Fonts’ .  Quite interesting.


There are a lot of other Tools to write better related to Caligraphy, Typographic Fonts or simply to improve your Writing.  You can find them here.



> In Internet we can find a lot of  Language Tools  that can help us in many different ways.    It’s only a matter on knowing where to look and how to find them. how to find them.

If you are interested on this topic, in improving your Productivity, and on looking what other People is using maybe you would be interested in looking and registering at etoole.com  ,  the 1st Social Network on Internet Tools for 2.0 Professionals. 



Jordi Mañé

P.S. I do invite you to Consult the Internet Tools that I like in my  etoole account  

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